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Nell Werner has lived in Portland, Oregon since April 2005. Shortly after moving to Portland, she reconnected with her creativity by starting a rotating art night with friends. She took some classes around town and eventually learned about encaustic wax and her love for the hot wax process grew like wildfire.

What is encaustic wax? Encaustic is Greek, its meaning is to "burn in". The medium is comprised of beeswax and damar resin, and pigment for color. I have two hot griddles set around 200 degrees with metal cans containing a variety of colors. The wax is painted on to a wood panel and a blow torch or heat gun is used to fuse the layers. It is an extremely versatile medium - you can do collage, incise thin lines and fill with oil paint, make thicker incised lines and fill with another color of wax - the possibilities are almost endless!

Most of Nell's work consists of abstracts, vague landscapes and most recently, she has started combining her own photography within the medium.


If you are local to Portland and are interested in having my art or photography at your place of business or if you are interested in seeing my studio or taking a class, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing form you!

Nell Werner

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1016 SE 12th Avenue
Portland, OR

Ongoing - basement level